Friday, April 15, 2011


I *think* it's safe to say that Spring has finally arrived here in NW Indiana. At least the nights are staying above freezing. I've started a bit of my planting, nothing major, just some kale, chard and lettuce in my two whiskey barrel halves. I also planted some canna seeds and a runner bean or two on the deck in a pot. I know, I  know, waaaay to early but I couldn't help it! The main project are my raised beds that will go in down by the fence. (photos,yes soon).  Dyno Dad will have to help me with those.

Also on the agenda is a sandbox for the kids. We have one of those Little Tyke turtle sandboxes, but it's just too small for three boys, so we're going to use the old Sleep Number bed frame we saved. It will be huge! Hopefully we'll get to that this weekend if the weather cooperates. (doubtful)

I love being able to get outside! I'm going to start running around the yard as well for exercise. Much more fun that doing P90X in the house.

Yay Spring!!!!!