Saturday, January 15, 2011

Moving, moving, moving

Yes, it's finally here. We closed on our house in Indiana! Yeah!! Monday morning the packers will arrive, so it's goodbye tv and internet.

When Mighty Mom returns, it will be with a revamped blog, because new kitchen means new photos!

See you soon!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Making organic produce a priority

I did my usual grocery shopping today, and scored some great stuff. No, I'm not talking saving money, I'm talking scoring some good organic produce, which I something I do as much as I can. Yeah, it's more expensive, but if the  price of regular fruits and vegetables  reflected how much it actually costs to produce, it would be pricey as well. You know, once all that fertilzer, pesticide and herbicides is factored in. 

It seems wrong somehow that when we decide we need to cut costs, the first area we think of is food. Shouldn't that be the last place?

So, despite the fact that food prices are rising, I try to buy the best for my family, and that means organic when I can. This spring I will plant a garden full of the things we like to eat, but until then it's the grocery store for me.

Here's a breakdown of the fruits and vegs I bought today: (OG=organic)

--bananas--1.98 lb@ .55/lb--$1.09
--broccoli--2@ 1.99--$3.98
--bulk yellow onions--3.36lbs @ .79/lb--$2.65
--clementine mandarins--$5.99
--collard greens--$1.681
--medjool dates--$7.49
--braeburn apples OG--1.76 lbs @1.58/lb--$2.78
--broccolette OG--$2.88
--5lb carrots OG--$4.97
--celery OG--$1.99
--romaine hearts OG--$2.99
--3 butternut squash @.99/lb--$3.93
--15lbs red potatoes--$3.99

This was all at Hyvee. I don't buy much produce at Walmart because it's usually yucky, but today I did score this:
--Organic cucumbers, 2 for $3.98. Ouch, but will be good in a salad without peeling.

So that's $84.87 for all the fruits and vegs I bought today. Hopefully my garden will be a good soure of food this summer.

Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 in Photos

I saw this on another blog, and decided to do one of my own.  A photo (or two) for each month of 2010.



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And there you have it: 2010 in photos. It wasn't a bad year, all in all.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Ah, I am still here!  We have a closing date on our new home in Indiana, but no pack and load date. Still kinda in limbo {eye roll here}  Still, there's only a couple of weeks left in Galesburg and all of us are ready for the move. Dyno Dad has put about 10k miles on his truck since October, driving back and forth every every three days (three days on, three days off schedule).  Pretty stinky, that.

So it's finally the new year. I've been thinking about what I'd like to accomplish this next year.

*Do P90X again (dont' take off any time between starting a new 90 day routine, and don't skip YogaX)
* Dust off novel and submit to an agent
*Eat better-->more green smoothies and juices
*Buy Buffy the Vampire Slayer Seasons 6&7 (Shut. Up. We're all allowed our guilty pleasures, no?)
*Get writing again
That's all I have right now.