Writing is one of my life's big three:  reading, writing and music, in no particular order. My zeal for writing waxes and wanes according to the attentions of my fickle muse. When I first began writing in 2003 the stories just overflowed and my portfolio on Writing.com filled up quickly. I also had about four stories published in online magazines, which was thrilling, as you can imagine. :)  As more children arrived, time for writing became more dear and my output became less. Now that four of the five kids are in school my interest has been revived. I participated in 2011 National Novel Writing Month and won, something I haven't tried since 2006. (well, I tried and failed) Now I have a 50k novel that has potential, so I have been working on that. Oh yeah, I also have a Young Adult novel that is finally finished and I'll be shopping that around to agents this year, after my readers give me their thoughts. For more about my book and my my writing journey, join me at www.dividingsparrows.blogspot.com.

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