Monday, March 21, 2011

Turd Words

This morning the girls had an appointment at the doctor for an immunization required by the state of Indiana, so about ten o'clock we all piled into the kidmobile and headed toward the office, which is pretty much out in the middle of nowhere, but not for long. The area is building up at an incredible rate.

As far as background goes, the word 'turd' factors prominently in the conversations around our house, mostly used as an insult "You're a turd---guy!" (Levi's favorite thing to say when he gets angry at a sibling). As we drove along the conversation naturally (?) turned to the kids' favorite word. They amused themselves (and me) by creating new 'turd-words'.

Count Turdula
The Magical Turdini

You get the idea.

So. Who wants to ride along next time?

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