Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I've really been getting into the recycling craft thing. The best part is that I've been making some useful stuff--much better than a toy out of a toilet paper tube that will eventually be thrown away.

The first project was a revamped mirror I got at a thrift boutique. Note: if a shop has the word 'boutique' anywhere in the name, it's not a thrift store. Ok, got it.

I made some ugly light fixtures from our house in Illinois into planters. Can you dig it?

Next up was the old wooden ottoman that belonged to my grandmother. I've been dragging that thing around for eight years a while now, always with the intention to redo it. Well, I finally did! After gluing the pieces, I scored some half-price upholstery fabric at Joann Fabrics and then had to wait until the weather warmed up before I could use the spray adhesive. For some reason my family objected to being poisoned from the fumes. Whatever.  The weather rose above fifty degrees and I got to work gluing on the foam we'd saved from our Sleep Number bed. So good to finally use some of that stuff! No doubt the movers thought we were pretty odd. I think it turned out just okay, sort of lumpy, but it was my first time upholstering anything, plus at least it's finished. What do you think?
ugly gray foam--def an improvement from plain ugly wood.
The finished project. Foo-Foo seems to like it.

The other things I've been doing are making some bulletin boards using some of the cardboard currently taking up  residence in DynoDad's garage and some cloth I've had lying around. I only have to attach ribbon to hang and then I will post pictures. 

The final project is a redo of an awful stainless steel trash can I bought a Lowe's when we moved to Illinois, not realizing it required special trash bags to work correctly. I tried regular ones for a time, but then gave up and shipped it out to the garage. I didn't want to toss it because I knew I could find a use for it. And so I have. I only have a bit more to do and then those pics will be here as well.

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