Thursday, July 22, 2010

Countdown to a less noisy kitchen

So the first day of school is August --it shouldn't be called the first 'day', because the kids are only going for a couple of hours. The folder came in the mail, you know, the one that lists all the fees and such. I nearly had a heart attack when I added up how much I'm going to have to fork over Aug  at registration. Yay.

NoBo will be in Kindergarten,and he is more than ready. I anticipate less problems with him adjusting than with his big brother. He's  lot more easy going.

K took her driver's written test for her learner's permit, and happily reported she passed, having only missed five questions. Unlike when DynoDad and I were around this age, Driver's Ed is offered through the school. With fees, of course.

E is looking forward to seventh grade, and is going to try out for the volleyball team.

J is a third-grader, and I will be sure to speak to the teacher about his reading level.

Wow, boooring post.

In other news, the netbook is going again, thanks to the on-screen keyboard. No drinks are allowed on the desk any more....

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