Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer's winding down, but things are ratcheting up in the kitchen

Whew--it's definitely starting to get a little crazy around here. Registration is next week, which is hard to believe. Actually, I am looking forward to the start of school. The kids are gettingI' a bit stir-crazy. I am going to try to be more organized this school year--menus, lunches planned, etc. We'll see how it goes. I normally start strong, but the sort of fizzle out.

I've read a couple of pretty good books in the last week, although I really can't recall the titles so perhaps they werent that good after all. :)

Tomorrow is the day for errands: bank, library, Salvation Army, Klassy Kids consignment shop, and the library for K's anime club.

I am making some napkins for the kids' lunch bags from old tablecloths I was given, and I think they're going to be pretty nifty. I have about six pinned, and will sew them this week.  I love refurbishing old things into something new.

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