Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trees are amazing

I'm sitting on a bench at Civic Park while the boys climb and jump and have a great time on the play equipment. A maple tree shades most of he area, which is a good thing because it is H.O.T. this morning. When I took my walk this morning at 6, it was 79*.  Yep, pretty sweat-inducing. Now, it's 93, but not here in the shade. It's actually quite pleasant.

But trees....they are one of the most amazing things in Creation. Look at all they do: provide shade, food, building materials, writing materials, peace, and let's not forget beauty. Everyone's yard looks better with a tree or six. :)

Instead of taking trees for granted, take a moment to really notice the trees today. It's the small details that can give a lot of pleasure sometimes.

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